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Your fast and easy overview of the latest promotions and offers
– completely FREE of charge

About us

What is ResellerPost?

ResellerPost connects resellers and merchants. Our service keeps you informed of recent reseller promotions by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers and service providers.

Our service consists of an online platform, a daily newsletter with a grid view of promotional mailings and individual stand-alone mailings.

For the IT channel only

Register and gain access to our platform after your proof of trade has been confirmed.

We check proof of trade on registration in order to make sure YOU get the reseller information and not your customers.

Fast & easy

More promotions - fewer emails

Get information whenever you want it. Promotional mailings appear fast on ResellerPost - our portal is updated 24/7.

Use ResellerPost to get a quick and easy overview of channel promotions – no need to open endless emails.

Never miss important channel promotions which can be easily overlooked amidst dozens of emails.

Newsletter with preview

In addition we offer a daily update newsletter with recent promotions.

One click to full view

Just click on the preview and get a complete view of promotional mailings in HTML with active links or as a high quality jpg.

Follow us on social media

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We publish only company name, subject and link – the comlete content is only visible after login.

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Get started in about 3 minutes

It just takes three minutes to get going. Registration is easy, fast and free.

Step 1: Register

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Step 2: Confirmation

You complete your registration by clicking on the link in the confirmation email we send you.

After a positive check on your proof of trade you gain immediate access.

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