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Merchants' Frequently Asked Questions

How does ResellerPost work?

Upon registration you will receive your individual email address. This is all you need to get started. Either you add this address to your own reseller mailing list or you can send your promotions with your own email client. Once your email shots arrive in our system, we generate a preview und delete any personal information from the email code, e.g. personal greeting, email address or customer ID.

How can I publish our promotions?

We will send you an e-mail containing a personalised e-mail address which you can just add into your existing mailing list. In case you do not have a mailing list simply send an e-mail containing your reseller promotion to this address. It is also no problem to attach PDFs.

When can I start publishing our promotions?

Once you have registered you will receive an email asking you to confirm the email address you have given us. After you have done this, you will receive a personal ResellerPost email address by email. All promotions you wish to publish on our site can be sent to this ResellerPost email address.

We are using external service providers. What do I have to know?

We only accept e-mails by commercial email providers which come from your own mailing list. This means you are providing the service provider with your own mailing list or you are storing your own mailing list with your provider. Merchants sending out mailings for several customers cannot be accepted as usage of a user-account by several merchants is not permitted.

We just want to use the free-of-charge service

Be our guest! Register, generate your profile and get started as soon as you have received your individual e-mail address. ResellerPost Basic is a free-of-charge service, free of any obligations and will remain so. Your promotions will be published in the form of a list on our portal. Full-view will be in form of a jpg with non-active links.

Will our package be renewed automatically?

If you've decided on one of the monthly upgrade packages your subscription will be renewed monthly. You can cancel the subscription at any time, at the latest seven days before the end of each month. Should you cancel by the middle of the month you will be able to use up any credits until the end of that month (or longer). The annual package will not be renewed automatically.

I would like a better and more visible placement

Placements are made automatically following set rules.

ResellerPost Basic entries will be listed on the portal under ResellerPost Feature entries, sorted by date of entry. The newest entry will be at the top of the list.

ResellerPost Feature entries are sorted by date of entry. The newest entry will be at the top of the list.

Monthly and annual packages – what is the difference?

Monthly packages are renewed every month – until cancellation. Annual packages will not be renewed automatically.

How long will our promotions be visible on the portal?

We show promotions for up to 60 days in the archive on your profile page. Most promotions will almost certainly be out-of-date by then. However it is important for resellers to see how active suppliers are and which products they offer. Each listing has a date and time signature for everyone to see how old the offer is.

Is there a regular newsletter?

We send the ResellerPost Daily newsletter to 20,000 qualified resellers, every Mon to Fri shortly after 1 o'clock. The newsletter shows previews of up-to-date ResellerPost Feature entries as well as the headlines of the ResellerPost Ticker. The deadline for all promotions is 1 pm every Mon to Fri. Promotions from the morning will be published on the same day. The distribution of the newsletter usually takes less than an hour; the promotions usually reach the recipients by 2 pm. A click on a listing opens the full version online.

Can everyone see the promotions?

Of course not. We - and the reseller - do not want end users to view trade prices. Therefore, we require a proof of trade which we check before activation of registration. Without login, offers are not accessible.

Can I get an analysis of the distribution?

Of course! We track any usage and can give you the number of preview views and full size views. Preview Views is the total number of openings in the newsletter and the views of your offer on the portal. Full Size Views is the number of complete views of your current offer. The tracking of clicks within the full view will be available at some point in the future. You get the respective total number as well as daily analysis of the views. The statistics are accessible once you are logged on to the portal.

Do you offer a flat rate?

Of course! We know that some merchants publish a lot of promotions, even several a day. Therefore, we offer attractive flat rates so you can work with a fixed budget. Just send us all your promotions by email. If you send more than one promotion within 24 hours only the most recent one will be published in ResellerPost Daily. There is no limit on the publication of your deals on the portal.

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